On Top of the World With France

If you’re household was anything like ours the past month, in the background at any time was the constant buzz of World Cup commentary or Telemundo commentators shouting out “Goal!” for record-breaking lengths of time. Because our home country wasn’t in the running, we had fun choosing teams to root for and follow along with their progress. It was an endless source of fun, always providing us with something to look forward to and cheer about. And I realized, events like these are uniquely connecting on a national and even international level. Complete strangers come together with a common interest, a shared feeling, and somehow the normal reserves of not knowing someone are temporarily dropped, and they are allowed to celebrate together for a moment. People who may not have found other things to relate to each other about – from different economic backgrounds, speaking different languages, practicing different religions – suddenly become a type of community due to their allegiance and emotional investment in a soccer team.

Yesterday, the incredible photographer, Greg Finck, hit the streets of Paris to capture the national excitement after France’s historic win. The feelings of joy, celebration, and excitement emanate through each capture in a truly magical way – the French coach, Didier Deschamps said, “We are world champions and France are going to be on top of the world for next four years,” and that statement certainly feels true when viewing these images. What an incredible moment to experience first hand and to document! So in the spirit of connection and celebration, we’re sharing Greg’s jubilant photographs here with you today.


Photography: Greg Finck Photography

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